TCN Property Projects signs joint venture for development of Nimbus leisure park in Eindhoven

TCN Property Projects recently finished the master plan for the realisation of a Leisure Park scheme to be located along the ring road on the west side of Eindhoven. The master plan has meanwhile been pre-approved by the urban planning commission of Eindhoven and approval of the city council is expected this September. The start of the development is expected early 2006.

Joint venture
This week TCN Property Projects signed a joint venture with two firms, based in the Eindhoven region, Van Straten and Hurks Construction group to become partner in the project.

A project of this size needs to have a good local platform and network in order to become a succesful development according to TCN’s C.E.O. Rudy Stroink.

TCN Property Projects will be responsible for the concept and commercialisation while van Straten and Hurks will do the planning, technical development and construction.

Leisure park
The Nimbus Leisure Park (proposed size: 100.000 m2) will attract people from the greater Eindhoven region who go there to visit the cinema’s, museums, fairs, restaurants and thematic retail. The planning and design studies for Nimbus were done by the London office of RTKL.

Source: TCN Property Projects

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