TCN Group B.V. and Dynamis ABC Vastgoedmanagers sign letter of intent

TCN Group B.V. (the holding to which a.o. TCN Property Projects belongs) and Dynamis ABC Vastgoedmanagers have signed a letter of intent to come to a bundling of their management activities.

TCN Property Projects works internationally and has built a considerable portfolio of management projects over the years. Besides the creative development or redevelopment, the long-term exploitation of real estate for own and third party projects, including asset management, is one of the core businesses.
Dynamis ABC operates nationally and has grown to become one of the most important players in the management of residential and commercial real estate.

The management activities of both companies are totally complementary. With the intentional cooperation of both companies a real estate management combination arises with 375 employees which will become part of the top 3 in the Netherlands.

The cooperation will be realized over time. The expectation is that the increases of scale will not only lead to saving of costs but will also generate extra commercial opportunities within and outside the Netherlands.

Source: TCN Property Projects

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