TCN buys BusinessPark Arnhem from KEMA (NL)

BusinessPark Arnhem has been officially transferred to TCN Property Projects. The BusinessPark, also known by its previous name KEMA park, is another one of TCN's new theme business parks. For the technical consultancy agency KEMA, the sale fits in its strategy of concentrating on its core activities.

The current BusinessPark Arnhem consists of 90,000 m² of offices and laboratories of which the largest part is being used by KEMA. Also after the take over, KEMA will remain the most important tenant of the park.

Over the coming years TCN Property Projects will further increase the quality of the area by means of renovations and intensive real estate management. TCN Property Projects will work with BAM and the Giesbers Groep on carefully fitting in a complementary development of approx. 100,000 m².

BusinessPark Arnhem is an actual park. Out of the 37 hectares, only 9% is built upon. The part called 'De Brink' with buildings from the 1930's to 1950's has a monumental character. A small part of the park is available for rent.

Source: TCN

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