Sustainable architecture requires innovation

The BNA, Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, presented its policy paper ´Opinion on Vital Architecture´ today to the State Secretary of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

The BNA believes that sustainable architecture requires innovation. A new strategy where sustainability is no longer considered an added value, but an architectural quality. In this context, architecture then no longer is only ecological viable, but also resiliant, dynamic and flexible, both in relation to design, functionality and construction techniques, but also in respect of scale and time.

This is a strategy that renovates the essence in thinking about sustainability, which enables an increased vitality in architecture. It would support ideas with architects, principals, consultants and the government to design differently, to reorganize the process and to create a diffferent climate. This would lead to sustainable buildings that for generations to come would please society, both in terms of use and maintenance.


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