Successful finalization financing project Seinehaven, Rotterdam (NL)

Javri Finance Consultants successfully arranged the real estate financing by KBC Real Estate of the DC Seinehaven project owned by David Hart Realty Group.

On March 7th David Hart Realty started with the construction of the 6 warehouses (varying in size) including offices. The total rental space amounts to 100,000 m² on a 155,000 m² big harbor facilitated area. The first building is to be finalized late 2005. The total project will be concluded during the third quarter of 2006.

For the arrangement of the financial structure, David Hart Realty contracted Javri Finance Consultants, in order to reach the optimum structure of finance. As a result of several limitations this project proved to be one of a kind. In the past Javri Finance Consultants arranged several real estate mortgages that could compete on size and complexity, such as the Breda Euretco/ NEC development. Nevertheless, the restructuring of the Seinehaven deal added a new method of finance to its portfolio.

The project is financed by KBC Real Estate, part of KBC Bank Netherlands. Through its central office in Rotterdam KBC Bank Netherlands offers real estate mortgages for a select group of project developers. Throughout this specialization (in cooperation with the Real Estate headquarters in Brussels). KBC was able to fully customize the finance structure.

Source: Javri

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