Stradmeijer leaves Bouwfonds (NL)

Diederik Stradmeijer (39) has announced to leave Bouwfonds Property Development in the function of director per January 1, 2005. Stradmeijer joined Bouwfonds Vastgoedontwikkeling 11 years ago as development manager. During this period he developed into statutory director of Bouwfonds Property Development.

Recently Stradmeijer was involved in Bouwfonds’ take-over of the MAB Group. As a deal champion he played an important role in the negotiations and the integration of both organisations which will be concluded shortly. This has allowed Bouwfonds Property Development to grow into the largest Dutch developer in the area of commercial real estate. Stradmeijer has indicated this to be a good moment to deliberate on a next challenge in the real estate sector.

The Board of Directors of Bouwfonds regrets the departure of Mr. Stradmeijer but respects his motives.

Stradmeijer will hand over his tasks to the other members of the management team of Bouwfonds Property Development.

Source: Bouwfonds Property Development

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