Start redevelopment of De Nederlandsche Bank

On the ground of the former office building of the Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Bank) on the Boompjes in Rotterdam, a special project is being developed. On this site offices, luxury apartments, a parking garage and a hotel will be built. The existing monumental bank building will be renovated and redeveloped. By adding two remarkable towers to the project, the high-rise of the Boompjes will be completed. The total investment amounts to approx. € 118 mln. The project will be delivered in 2005.

Vof de Boompjes (a joint venture of Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling, AM Real Estate and Bouwfonds Property Finance) will redevelop the monumental building of the bank and maintain the historical character of the building.
There will be space for 10.000 m² of hotel accomodation. Ernst & Young will have an office tower of 20 floors, in total 19.500 m². Next to the E&Y office, a 75 meter high apartment tower will be built. This 12 floors building will provide space to 37 luxury apartments (to be sold) and will be placed above the bank building in a very spectacular way. A four-layer underground semi-public parking garage will provide parking space for 650 cars.

Both towers will provide a panoramic view over the city of Rotterdam and the river. By adding these two remarkable towers to De Boompjes, the skyline along the Maas (river) changes in an extraordinary way. The concept has been made by T + T Design and the design was made by the Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie (USA) in cooperation with 01-10 Architekten.

Source: Vof De Boompjes

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