Sponda establishes two new business units (FI)

Sponda's strategic aim is to seek growth and profitability through customer-centric operations, active property development, and expansion into the Russian and Baltic property and investment markets. The company has established two new business units to achieve these goals: Property Development and New Business Areas.

The company's operations are henceforth organized into four business units: Office and Retail Properties, Logistics Properties, Property Development and New Ventures. The first two concentrate on the leasing, maintenance, purchase and sales of Sponda's business properties. In order to raise effiency, responsibility for property leasing has been delegated to Account Managers while property maintenance and management of the purchasing network is the responsibility of Property Managers. The Property Development unit focuses on generating and marketing new property projects, and New Business Areas on expanding Sponda's property business into new geographical and operational areas.

Senior Vice President Petri Roininen continues to head Office and Retail Properties, and Senior Vice President Lea Jokinen, Logistics Properties. Joni Mikkola has been named Senior Vice President, Property Development, and Veikko Majava Senior Vice President, New Business Areas.

Sponda's Executive Board comprises, in addition to these four business unit directors, President and CEO Kari Inkinen and CFO Sari Aitokallio.

Source: Sponda

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