Shareholders meeting: IVG continues on road to success (DE)

At the IVG Immobilien AG shareholders' meeting on 31 May 2005, an increase in dividend to EUR 0,35 per share was confirmed. Shareholders are benefiting from the successful business development and are generating a yield of 33.5% including price advances for 2004.

In the first five months of 2005, with a further increase of 18%, the IVG share price outperformed the MDAX and European comparative index for real estate companies (EPRA). Since the previous shareholders' meeting, the share value has risen by 60%.

CEO of IVG, Eckart John von Freyend, confirms the positive outlook for 2005: "We expect a further increase in earnings and net asset value in 2005. The progressive recovery of European real estate markets, the sales program, acquisition of 33 caverns for gas and oil storage, as well as the flourishing investment business will contribute to this".

Source: IVG

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