Sacyr Vallehermoso strengthens its management team (ES)

The Sacyr Vallehermoso (SyV) group has strengthened its management team through the incorporation of Luis Janini Tatay and Gonzalo Ferre Moltó. The experience of both executives in the fields of services and concessions, respectively, will bring a significant boost to these two business activities, in which the SyV group has ambitious growth plans.

Luis Janini Tatay, born in 1940, is a Civil engineer. He began his professional career at Dragados y Construcciones, where he has held the posts of head of port construction works and highways, manager of Navarre Highway works, construction representative in Valencia, regional manager in the Community of Valencia, Murcia and Balearic Islands, and national manager of civil works projects. Since 1998, he was chairman of the services arm Dragados Servicios, encompassing Urbaser, Clece, Servicios Portuarios y Logísticos, Urbaenergía and Publimedia. Janini joins Sacyr Vallehermoso as general manager of Services and will have under his responsibility the group´s businesses in drinking and waste water treatment and management, service areas, energy, integral building maintenance, solid waste management, and other new areas in which SyV may start to do business.

Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, age 50, holds a Law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is a State Comptroller. His professional career has taken him through the public sector, where he has held, among others, the positions of deputy director general of the Treasury and chairman and general manager of the Spanish national mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda) for 4 years. In that stage, Ferre headed the production and distribution of Euro banknotes and coins for the Euro launch as well as the recoupment and destruction of peseta banknotes and coins, in addition to consolidating the technological implementation and use of the digital signature. Gonzalo Ferre is an expert in the highway business, since between 1989 and 2000 he was general manager of the highway company Empresa Nacional de Autopistas (ENA), a company whose shares are 50%-owned which is wholly-managed by Itínere. Gonzalo Ferre will be CEO of the SyV group´s, Itínere Infraestructuras.

Source: Sacyr Vallehermoso

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