Ruimtelijk Planbureau: official start

The Netherlands: Â'Full of SpaceÂ'

During its opening conference the Ruimtelijk Planbureau (Spatial Planning Agency) stipulated its objective to approach the use of availible space in an untraditional way. Â'FullÂ' is relative.

Do not have The Hague decide but look at changes in society and the long term consequences for the use of availible space. The issues are: distinction between Â'cityÂ' and Â'ruralÂ' must fade away, cross-border approach in developments, and Â'flowsÂ' instead of Â'placesÂ'.

Examples of the latter we find in mobility: commuter traffic, the weekend trip to the beach, but also cable data traffic, the network economy, etc. Mobility is becoming increaingly important, also to define space and the use of it.

The government has to adress issues as how to deal with space in terms of creating or diverting flows. The Ruimtelijk Planbureau wants to fulfil the antenna function as reagrds these developments. The first results may be expected as early as December 2002.

(source: Ruimtelijk Planbureau)

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