Rodamco Europe starts thorough investigation

Rodamco Europe on Tuesday announced it will start a thorough investigation into the conduct of financial director Ronald Dorjee regarding his private financial situation. Subject of the investigation, which will be conducted by an external accountancy firm, is to determine whether his conduct is consonant with the position of Dorjee with Rodamco Europe. The intention of Rodamco Europe is to very carefully establish all the facts.

Last Saturday the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf published an article about the financial history of Rodamco Europe’s financial director. According to the article Dorjee had a debt of several millions which he kept to himself and therefore broke the law. According to De Telegraaf he is also guilty of forgery.

Dorjee started at Rodamco Europe as financial director (CFO) in January 2002. Before he started at Rodamco Europe, he worked as CFO at the London internet company This company was worth millions in the high-days of the dotcom-hype but eventually ended up in the red. According to De Telegraaf Dorjee got into financial trouble because of the problems of

The decision for the investigation was made on Tuesday during an extraordinary meeting of the Supervisory Board. CEO Maarten Hulshoff: “Ronald has informed us last week extensively about the events in his personal situation. As a result, we have given the situation careful consideration. The decision was made that additional investigation is required to establish the facts. We expect the investigation to be soon finalised, although meticulousness is our main priority.” In the process, the regulatory Dutch authorities, Authority Financial Markets (AFM) have been consulted. During the investigation, Dorjee will remain on leave. His responsibilities will be temporarily taken over by Maarten Hulshoff.

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