Riesmeier: Liquidity pressure of investors intensifies market conditions (DE)

The high liquidity of international investors has, according to Dr. Knut Riesmeier, Director of MEAG Munich Erg Asset Management GmbH, stabilized yield despite tough market conditions. At the moment the German real estate market is hardly in a position to offer demanding investors an interest appropriate risk.

Therefore MEAG hardly undertakes new engagements in their own country. In Europe MEAG focuses on the Paris and Brussel commercial property market. The MEAG-manager expresses it’s reservations with respects to investing in the USA. Just as in Europe there’s hardly any prime investment objects left. A bonus is paid for long-term guaranteed cash flow of tenants. “The result: also in the USA is a mismatch between the current market situation and the price structure.”

Source: Immobilien Zeitung

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