Retail turnover up

According to figures from Statistics Netherlands, the volume of turnover in the retail trade was 0.8 percent larger in the third quarter of 2002 than in the corresponding period twelve months previously. This is highest quarterly growth so far in 2002.

In the second quarter turnover volume grew by only 0.1 percent and in the first quarter it even fell by 1.1 percent on the same period twelve months previously. Shopping cost consumers just over 3 percent more and the value of turnover was nearly 4 percent higher than in the same period last year.

Shoppers spend 20 billion euro
Consumers spent nearly 20 billion euro in shops in the third quarter, just over 2,800 euro per household. Nearly two-thirds of this amount (1,750 euro) was spent in non-food outlets.

Turnover volume non-food unchanged
The volume of turnover in the non-food sector was the same in the third quarter this year as last year. Prices and turnover both increased by 3 percent. Within the non-food sector textile supermarkets (over 12 percent) and do-ityourself stores (nearly 11 percent) realised the largest turnover value increases. The value of turnover was down for shops selling home furnishings.

Turnover volume up in food sector
Shops selling foodstuffs increased their turnover by 2.6 percent in the third quarter compared with twelve months previously. This is the highest quarterly growth up to now this year. In the second quarter the increase was 2.4 percent while in the first quarter the volume fell by 0.9 percent. Prices in the food sector were 3 percent higher in the third quarter than in the same quarter last year. The value of turnover increased by 6 percent. Supermarkets account for most outlets in the food sector. The value of supermarket takings was 7 percent higher in the third quarter.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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