Rabobank appoints Halbertsma as Managing Director of new real estate division (NL)

Rabobank Group has appointed drs. Tjalling Halbertsma (47) as Managing Director of a to be created real estate division of Rabobank from October 1, 2005. At present, Halbertsma is Managing Director of the investment company Wedge. Previously, he was investment banker at Mees Pierson and ABN AMRO. Halbertsma's main task will be to set up the new division, in which all real estate departments of Rabobank will be brought together.

At present, Rabobank's main real estate divisions, Rabo Vastgoed and FGH Bank, operate as private companies. In addition, the local offices of the Dutch bank independently finance real estate transactions. By bringing together its activities, Rabobank intends to create more synergy from these joined efforts and to reinforce its market position.

Drs. Hans ten Cate, member of Rabobank's Board of Directors, is pleased with the appointment. "Mister Halbertsma has a long-term experience in finance and posesses an extensive network, in a business as well as a political atmosphere. I am confident that he will successfully put the new real estate division on the map."

Source: Rabobank

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