Rabo Vastgoed to take over Gerritsen Projectrealisatie

Rabo Vastgoed is taking over the project development activities of Gerritsen Bouwgroep. Gerritsen Projectrealisatie is involved in the development of 1200 houses, 7500 m² shops and 23.000 m² office space in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region.

With the take over Rabo Vastgoed wants to strengthen its position in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region. Gerritsen Projectrealisatie started over 10 years ago with acquiring locations to safeguard the continuity of the company with the consequent building orders. Gerritsen Bouwgroep will remain involved with the projects taken over by Rabo Vastgoed.

Gerritsen Projectrealisatie has positions in the Vinexlocations Schuytgraaf in Arnhem and Westeraam in Elst, the central station-area in Elst and shopping centre Velperbroek in Velp. Rabo Vastgoed will continue the activities under its own name. Rabo is already involved itself in Westeraam in Elst, the centerplan in Heteren and a former boardingschool in Dieren.

Rabo Vastgoed will finance the take over from its own resources. A number of current projects will be finished by Gerritsen itself.

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