Prologis European Properties Fund acquires over 173,000 m2 in France from LM Logistics

ProLogis, a leading global provider of distribution facilities and services, announced today that the ProLogis European Properties Fund has acquired four facilities totaling over 173,000 m2 from FM Logistics.

FM Logistics, a third-party logistics company serving a broad range of companies throughout Europe, including Hewlett Packard and Mars Group, will lease the buildings back from ProLogis under leases ranging from three to nine years.

All of the facilities are located in France as follows:

* 672,200 square feet (62,449 m2) at Crepy en Valois, north of Paris.
* 421,300 square feet (39,138 m2) at Brumath, a submarket north of Strasbourg in eastern France.
* 387,800 square feet (36,028 m2) at Senart, south of Paris.
* 383,700 square feet (35,650 m2) at Isle d’Abeau, Lyon. Isle d’Abeau is a major distribution hub for the Lyon region and includes seven other ProLogis owned facilities occupied by Auchan, ABX, New Wave Logistics and TDG Logistics.

“This acquisition is ideal for the ProLogis European Properties Fund because the sites include high-quality, rail-served buildings, in target market locations. In addition, FM Logistics is a well-respected company and we’re happy to welcome them as a ProLogis customer,” said Ranald Hahn, Senior Vice President for ProLogis.

(source: Prologis)

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