Project "Statenplein" in Dordrecht wins NRW-Jaarprijs 2003

On Wednesday April 9th, the winner of the NRW-Jaarprijs (Annual Award) 2003 was announced during the Annual Meeting of Members of the NRW (Dutch Council of Shopping Centers). A renowned jury has voted the project “Statenplein” in Dordrecht as winner.

AM Vastgoed (previously known as Amstelland MDC) has realised a complex project which has led to a total redevelopment and revitalisation of the main shopping area in Dordrecht. An appealing shopping- and livingcomplex has risen around the Statenplein, existing of 45 shopunits and 56 apartments.

Statenplein Dordrecht
Keeping in mind the criteria, the jury felt that Statenplein is a very successful example of a modern innercity development where renovation and new buildings go hand in hand with the integration of diverse functions. Characteristic of an innercity development is the very complex process of working; procedures, objections and technical difficulties like working while people are shopping. Al these things occurred during the realisation of Statenplein. Because of this project Dodrecht now has a clear A1-shopping area. To retain the level of quality, the new centermanegement organisation will play an important part in the long term.

Honorary mention
The jury also has the possiblity to give 1 or more honorary mentions next to the award. For 2003 the jury decided to give the project “De Weiert” in Emmen an honorary mention. According to the jury a very smart redevelopmentproject has been realised with vision, risk and dare. The ultimate result has an architectonic appeal and a logical structure.

Source: NRW

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