Prof. drs. P.P. Kohnstamm awarded Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau

Yesterday, during his last day as extraordinary professor at the University of Amsterdam, Prof. drs. P.P. Kohnstamm was awarded Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau. He was also appointed the ninth Honorary Fellow of the SBV.

Ir Fred van der Veen, director van Rijksgebouwendienst (GovernmentÂ's Building Agency) called Kohnstamm 'a very wise man, capable of solving problems'. 'Dedicated, yet not using his power, he played an examplary role in stimulating real estate related expertise and know-how,' according to Van der Veen.

Kohnstamm stipulates the importance of the market itself and points out that ethics and corporate governance in this sector requires the utmost attention. 'In plain Dutch: be honest, that is what it is all about.'

Kohnstamm never considereed himself a professor in the traditional sense of the word. 'Hnoestly, I am not really a scientist. I am more comfortable with the description ´real estate based knowledge´. I am more of a broker of know-how. Wider rather than in-depth knowledge, with more links to real estate based know-how.'

Ir J.D. Doets, chairman of SBV School of Real Estate, also awarded Kohnstamm with the ninth Honorary Fellow of the SBV as a reward for Kohnstamm´s efforts to turn SBV in to the number one real estate education center in Europe.

(source: PropertyNL)

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