Post acceptance period public offer for Uni-Invest has ended

Merwede Participaties B.V. and Mr. D. Beesemer announce that the post acceptance period in the public cash offer for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of Uni-Invest N.V. has ended on Tuesday 5 November 2002, 15.00 hours CET.

As at the closing of the post acceptance period, together with the shares already tendered under the offer, a total of 69,001,145 Uni-Invest ordinary shares has been tendered. After acquiring the shares tendered under the post acceptance period, the Joint Bidders will hold in total approximately 99.5 per cent of the issued and outstanding Uni-Invest ordinary shares.

On 8 November 2002 payment of EUR 12.03 for each Uni-Invest share tendered and delivered during the post acceptance period will be made under the same terms as those governing the Offer and as stated in the Offering Memorandum.

(source: Uni-Invest)

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