Panattoni completes and opens BTS facility for Vita Group (PL)

Panattoni completes and opens BTS facility for Vita Group (PL)

Panattoni completed and officially opened a BTS facility for Vita Group within Panattoni Park Żary. The developer plans to expand the park by an additional 7,000m2, with the new space being adapted to the specifics of the future tenant's operations.


"The location of the Żary park turned out to be ideal for Vita Group's international operations. Currently, the Lubuskie Voivodeship is one of the most prospective locations not only in Poland but also in Europe, and European and global companies, which will be increasingly present here, need facilities tailored to their standards and processes. We believe that today's opening is an excellent foundation for further cooperation between Panattoni and Vita Group, especially since we tailor to the needs throughout Poland and Europe," summarized Maciej Zawada, BTS Development Director at Panattoni.


Panattoni Park Żary is located just 30-minute drive from the border with Germany, near the European E36 road, connecting the Lubuskie Voivodeship with Berlin. The journey to the Czech border takes two hours. The investment is being carried out in the Investment Zone of the Żary Municipality, making it even more attractive to the client.


"The excellent location is ideal for operations on a European scale. The potential is supported by incentives for business from local authorities. Cooperation with offices at the municipal, district, and city levels fills us with optimism before the expansion of Panattoni Park Żary, and is also an important asset in the search for additional tenants," said Marek Forynski, Managing Director at Panattoni.




Image provided by Human Signs.

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