Oppenheim chosen as Real Estate Investor of the year 2003 in Germany

In Munich on Monday 6 October it was announced that Dutch and German investors have chosen Oppenheim as the German Investor of the Year 2003. The award related to this is the ‘Gouden Baksteen’(Golden Brick) and was handed to Mr. O Krecker, head of Acquisition Germany by Mr. ing. M.A. Snijders, Managing Director of Troostwijk Makelaars O.G., during the Expo Real in Munich where the 9th edition of the Troostwijk research into the German real estate investment policy was presented.

The award, which has already been presented for three years in the Netherlands by Troostwijk, has come into existence following the 10-year anniversary of the ‘VastgoedBeleggingsOnderzoekReeks’ (Real Estate Investment Research Series). This is a series of scientific research to the real estate investment policy of the large Dutch and German institutional investors and real estate funds. In Germany this kind of research has been done for the 9th time by ebs Immobilienakademie by the direction of Troostwijk Makelaars O.G. The many positive reactions to the annual election in the Netherlands of ‘Real Estate Investor of the Year’ and the fact that German investors are very active internationally, have led Troostwijk to the decision to also award the Golden Brick in Germany annually.

Source: Troostwijk Makelaars O.G.

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