Newly built houses often let in stead of sold

In a recent publication AMVEST stated that newly built houses more and more are being let in stead of sold. This because no buyers can be found in this part of the market, where as many people are interested in letting houses in the more expensive segment of the market.

The company has bought 200 houses in the first two months of 2003 from projectdevelopers which were meant to be sold. This is as many as have been bought in 2002 so Menno Maas (director of AMVEST) expects an increase in this trend. According to Maas the interest in buying houses in newly built projects has diminished due to the deteriorated economic situation.

According to Maas there is a great shortage of houses with a let of over € 600 per month. Research shows that this segment only contains 5 % of the total newly built houses (approx. 3500 houses), while there is a demand of 15 to 17 %. Potential clients of AMVEST are 1 â€" 2 persons households, 55+, starters who can’t get a mortgage and people who know that there are more and more good houses for let and prefer letting to owning their own home.

Source: Rotterdams Dagblad

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