New companies for WTC Schiphol Airport

With the signing of contracts with ABP (largest Dutch pension fund), ST Micro Electronics from France and Anglo Petroleum Ltd. from the UK, the extension of WTC Schiphol Airport is already rented out for 25%.

Abp takes in this the greatest part, namely 4,404 sqm. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the top of business establishment in the Netherlands stays, in spite of low economic activities, popular.

The WTC is extended with approx. 28,000 sqm rentable floor area for offices divided into four office towers. This is more than double of the present office space in the WTC (24,000 sqm). Beneath the four towers of the WTC a parking garage is built in five layers for a total number of 2,700 cars. The total capacity will be 5,600 parking spaces. The first part of the extension (the parking garage and two office towers) is surrendered in June 2003. The other two office towers are brought into use in Summer 2003.

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