New appointments at AM

AM (Amstelland MDC NV), which specialises in city centre, shopping centre, housing and office development, has changed and strengthened its management by making a number of appointments within its business units.

AM wonen (residential development) and AM grondbedrijf (land development)
To support the expansion of AM’s activities in large-scale district development, Wim Scheffers has been appointed to the group management of AM grondbedrijf BV with effect from 1 July 2003. Working closely with Director Rein van Steeg and the group management team of AM wonen BV, he will focus on developing services in this area for local authorities, housing associations, investors and other venture partners. Mr. Scheffers is at present Director at AM wonen Zuid, which covers the southern region. Pierre Slabbers, his fellow Director at AM wonen Zuid, will assume his management duties until the vacancy is filled.

AM vastgoed (office and retail development)
The integration of the commercial property activities in the Netherlands within AM vastgoed BV was recently completed. In a short space of time, a new functional organisation has been developed, the management team has been appointed and the activities have been grouped together at a single location in Gouda. AM vastgoed is now embarking on a new phase, in which the emphasis will be on grasping the opportunities which still arise on the commercial property market, despite the contraction of this sector, and strengthening the sales and letting functions. As part of these changes, Arie van der Kuilen has been appointed Sales, Risk Management and Special Projects Director at AM vastgoed. Jaap Gillis, with whom Mr. Van de Kuilen shared the management of AM vastgoed, will take over his responsibilities and the management of the business unit. Mr Gillis will remain a member of AM development’s group management.

Source: AM

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