NCC expands Södersjukhuset Hospital (SE)

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NCC was commissioned in June 2015 to expand the Södersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm by adding a new treatment centre and a technical utilities building. Locum (real estate manager owned by Stockholm County Council) and NCC have now agreed on the final implementation of the project. The order amounts to approx. SEK 1.3 billion.


NCC and Locum run the project in partnership, and the first phase was to determine the scope, project engineering and costing before the start of production. Construction has started on some parts where preparatory groundwork and construction of the frame are underway. Together, the parties have made accurate calculations and agreed on a contract amount of approximately SEK 1.3 billion.


“The new emergency unit is a key part of the county of Stockholm’s future health and medical care plans, where all residents are to know that they receive the proper care on time. We will maintain our excellent partnership with NCC on this large and important project,” says Paul Lindquist Fransson (Moderates), Chairman of the Board, Locum.


NCC’s assignment includes two buildings. The first will accommodate new operating rooms, a sterile center, a unit for postmortems and pathology/cytopathology, as well as a large new emergency unit. The second building will house the hospital operation functions such as a centre for managing the hospital’s waste and incoming goods.


The ambition is to have the new buildings certified according to Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) Gold, the highest SGBC classification.

“NCC has extensive experience of building large hospitals, which we will benefit from in this project. With these expansions, we are preparing the Södersjukhuset Hospital to meet tomorrow’s medical needs for more surgical capacity and emergency units,” says Henrik Landelius, Head of NCC Building Sweden.


The new hospital buildings are expected to be ready at year-end 2018. When the new emergency unit opens in 2019, it will be the largest of its kind in Sweden.

To date, NCC has registered an order value of approximately SEK 400 million, and the remaining order value of approximately SEK 900 million will be registered in Q2, 2016 in business area NCC Building. The project was first announced in June 2015.

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