NCC and Lundbergs sell properties to Acta for SEK 227 million (SE)

NCC and Lundbergs are selling the Gropen 6 and Bomullspinneriet 1 properties in Norrköping to Acta for a total of SEK 227 million (approx. €25m). NCC's share amounts to 50% and the transactions will generate a capital gain of approximately SEK 20 million.

In connection with the sale, Lundbergs will acquire NCC's holding in Holmenbyggarna Dalkarlen KB, a jointly owned company, as of September 30, 2005.

The properties, Gropen 6 and Bomullspinneriet 1, which comprise a total of approximately 11,400 m² of rentable floor space, are located in what is known as Norrköping's Industrial Landscape. The properties underwent total refurbishment in 1998–2001 and are being leased by Linköping University and Kunskapsskolan i Sverige AB.

Acta will take over the properties on September 30, 2005.

The transaction was implemented on the basis of a property yield of approximately 6.75%.

Source: NCC

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