Municipality of Haarlem, AM Wonen and Amvest sign letter of intent for the development of Spaarne Ce

The municipality of Haarlem, AM Wonen and Amvest have signed a letter of intent for the development of the Spaarne Centrum district. The location is adjacent to Haarlem town centre, between the Papentorenvest, Oudeweg, Harmenjansweg and the Spaarne. The development of this district will be the first step in the Spoorzone Master Plan adopted by the municipality of Haarlem. The Spaarne Centrum development will involve about 50,000 m² of real estate and an investment of some €100 million.

During the next few months the three parties will formulate principles and parameters for the development of the Spaarne Centrum district, on the basis of which they will arrive at a final development agreement. The parties expect to complete this process by 1 July 2004.

Integration into town centre
Spaarne Centrum will become a part of the town centre and will encompass a mix of functions, a key aspect being residential accommodation. The plan for the district covers more than 50,000 m² and includes apartments, offices, leisure and other facilities and a nautical programme.

With its long history on the Spaarne, the Spaarne Centrum district is suitable for various nautical functions. There are suitable sites, for example, for historic boats, moorings for leisure craft, and ships’ chandlers. The master plan also includes a new square on the Spaarne, a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians to the Nieuwe Gracht and a public quayside route for cyclists and pedestrians along the Spaarne.

Source: AM

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