Multi Vastgoed (Amstelland MDC) to develop Nesselande shopping centre

The municipality of Rotterdam has selected development planning company Multi Vastgoed, a subsidiary of Amstelland MDC, to develop the Nesselande shopping centre, which will comprise approx. 7,000 m² of shops, approx. 6,000 m² of other core functions and about 700 dwellings. Construction is expected to start in 2004. The project will entail an investment of approx. EUR 145 million.

The Nesselande shopping centre will be the heart of the new Nesselande residential district to be realised to the north-east of Rotterdam. The centre of Nesselande will be located on a boulevard near the Zevenhuizer Lake and at the last stop of the metro line. Multi Vastgoed acquired the project following a competition, coming out in front of ING Real Estate, MAB, Bouwfonds and William Properties. The Nesselande district will comprise approx. 4,750 dwellings that will house over 14,000 residents. Construction of the dwellings started two years ago.

Shopping centre
Comprising shops, leisure facilities, socio-cultural functions, and approx. 700 dwellings, the central area to be developed by Multi Vastgoed will include 13,000 m² of business floor space. About 7,000 m² is intended for a range of retailers including two supermarkets and fashion, lifestyle and gift shops. In addition, about 3,000 m2 will be developed to house facilities including a library, a health centre and a centre for socio-cultural activities. The prominent location of this project near the enlarged Zevenhuizer Lake - which plays a key role in recreation on the north side of Rotterdam - prompted Multi Vastgoed to include an additional 3,000 m2 in the plan to allow for extra expansion possibilities for all manner of leisure-related facilities.

Multi Vastgoed’s concept is based on the idea of a ‘seaside resort’ facing the water, complete with a multipurpose shopping centre. The plan also includes a comfortable shopping courtyard and an intimate local square.

Parties involved
T + T Design came up with the project concept, while the master plan was elaborated by the renowned Spanish architect Joan Busquets, who has a great deal of international experience in designing waterfronts and city centres. In the Netherlands, Busquets was involved in designing such projects as the Grotiusplaats square in The Hague and the Arena shopping centre in Den Bosch. In due time, various architects will be called in to detail the subplans further.

As the plan lends itself easily to phased building, construction of the first subplans will begin in 2004.

(source: Amstelland MDC)

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