Mn Services defeats ROZ/IPD for the third time

For the third successive year Mn Services defeated ROZ/IPD. In 2003, the company realized for its client ‘Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek’ (pension fund of metal industry and technology) a return on Standing Investments of 7,4% against 7,1% for the benchmark.

On the basis of the category All Objects, Mn Services realized a return of 7,4% against a return of 7,3% in the sector. Realizing these returns in 2003, this is the seventh time Mn Services defeated the benchmark since the foundation of ROZ/IPD in 1995.

The outperformance in 2003 was due to the rather good performance of the retail and office portfolio. In the retail portfolio, revisions of rentals and new lease contracts allowed important revaluations. The devaluation (-1,5%) of the office portfolio (7,1%) is due to the minor lack of occupancy and the small number of expiries in 2004. The fact that the portfolio barely contains offices in the Amsterdam region contributed to the positive results. The results of the residential portfolio (6,5%) stayed behind the benchmark. Within the product offer of Mn Services the property portfolio ‘Netherlands’ has an extent of € 1,2 billion. Mn Services is active in the Dutch pension sector. Its major client is Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek.

Source: Vastgoedmarkt

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