Mn Services acquires mandate for pension fund of housing associations

Mn Services will immediately invest € 50 million of pension equity for the Stichting Pensioenfonds voor de Woningcorporaties (SPW - Pension Fund Foundation for Housing Associations), the pension fund of Adminstratiekantoor Sector Woningcorporaties (ASW). It concerns a mandate of unlisted international real estate.

SPW’s choice for Mn Services was based on the knowledge and expertise that Mn Services has built up in international real estate. This enables SPW to access a selection of the worldwide supply of unlisted real estate funds in various countries, areas and divisions. According to SPW, the positive returns on investment that Mn Services has realized over the last years had effected the choice for Mn Services.

Mn Services executes pensions and insurances and manages pension equity. Within the product supply of Mn Services the division International Real Estate has a volume of € 1,6 billion.

Source: Property NL

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