Minister Sybilla Dekker to open PROVADA 2005 (NL)

On 14 June, 2005 the PROVADA 2005 will be officially opened by Sybilla Dekker, minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

From Tuesday 14 till Thursday 16 June, 2005 PROVADA (Professional Real Estate Days) will organize its first international real estate conference in the Amsterdam conference complex RAI. This is the first time in the Netherlands that major national and international real estate market parties will come together on a three days’ business to business conference.

PROVADA intends to make the real estate market more open, an aspect that has become significant in the internationalization of the real estate market. By organizing PROVADA, a platform is created for companies that want to present itself to the market.

Many prominent real estate market players have already registered for PROVADA 2005. This makes PROVADA the largest real estate conference so far in the Netherlands.


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