Masterplan Business Locations South Limburg finalized

Almost 150 hectares of new estates until 2010

The Provincial Executive of Limburg have finalized the masterplan 'Business Locations in South Limburg'. In this masterplan questions are answered in respect to where to find space to develop new business locations.

It describes locations in the municipalities of Beek & Meerssen, Brunssum and Eijsden. Studies showed that up to 147.5 hectares would be sufficient until 2010, which is 27.5 hectares less than originally estimated in 2001. The masterplan also covers the region of Maastricht-Aachen Airport-East (MAA). The masterplan is an addition to the 'Provincial Environment Plan Limburg'.

Approval of the masterplan is expected in the course of 2003.

(source: Province of Limburg)

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