Marcel Kokkeel new director of Bouwfonds Property Finance

Marcel Kokkeel has been appointed as the new chairman of the Executive Board of Bouwfonds Property Finance per July 1, 2004. He will succeed Bertus Pijper who will retire on that day. Kokkeel, currently CEO of Ahold Real Estate Europe, has ample experience in leading real estate organizations. His international experience will fit perfectly with the expansion strategy of Bouwfonds Property Finance.

Bouwfonds Property Finance is nationally and internationally active in project and investment financing, lease, participations and special projects. This subsidiary of Bouwfonds has grown into a leading real estate financier over the last 15 years with a portfolio of over € 7 bln. The ambition to further expand the total international share very well suits the experience of Kokkeel.

Pijper, responsible for the growth of Bouwfonds Property Finance, has worked within Bouwfonds for almost 40 years. He has let the financing company grow from near to nothing to an internationally operating real estate bank. The unique vision of Pijper, ‘I will make sure that my people are entrepreneurs with real estate knowledge’, is anchored firmly within the present Bouwfonds Property Finance.

Source: Bouwfonds Property Finance

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