Manufacturing turnover up slightly

Dutch manufacturing turnover was 3 percent higher in October 2002 than in the same month last year, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. The increase in turnover is the about same as the increase in selling prices, which rose by an average 3.2 percent in this month. In October 2001 turnover was 4 percent lower than twelve months previously.

Domestic turnover rose by 1 percent in October 2002, while sales abroad were 5 percent higher. Producers’ confidence was also higher in October, although manufacturers hardly expect production to increase in the period November 2002 to January 2003.

Turnover growth the same as price increase
Turnover in the Dutch manufacturing industry rose by 3 percent in October 2002, about the same growth as that for the selling prices of their products: 3.2 percent in the same month. Domestic turnover rose by 1 percent, while prices were 2.2 higher. Turnover from exports rose by 5 percent, while export prices were on average 3.9 percent higher than twelve months previously.

Largest increase for chemical industry The petroleum, chemical and synthetics industry realised the largest turnover growth in October 2002. Other sectors where turnover increased were the metal, electrical engineering and transport equipment industry, the food industry, and the textile, clothing, leather industry. Paper and publishing and wood and construction materials on the other hand booked less turnover than in October 2001.

(source: CBS)

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