Manufacturers’ selling prices nearly unchanged

Selling prices of the Dutch manufacturing industry were nearly the same in October as in September 2002: manufacturers put up their prices by an average 0.1 percent. The prices of products sold on the domestic market were the same as in September, exported products were slightly more expensive (+0.2 percent).

Raw materials and semi-manufactured products cheaper
The prices of intermediate consumption were 1.4 percent lower in October than in September. Manufacturers paid 0.9 percent less for raw materials and semi-manufactured products purchased in the Netherlands and 1.8 percent less for those bought abroad.

Upward trend for selling prices and intermediate consumption
The development in selling prices and prices of intermediate consumption this year has been showing an upward trend compared with last year. For a few months now selling prices and prices of intermediate consumption have been above the level of last year. Selling prices were 3.2 percent higher and intermediate consumption prices 2.2 percent higher than in October 2001.

(source: CBS)

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