Largest Dutch deal ever between Fortis and Bouwfonds (NL)

Fortis Vastgoedbeleggingen (Real Estate Investment) has signed an initial agreement with Bouwfonds Property Development for the acquisition of five new shopping centers in the Netherlands. This agreement represents an amount of 450 million, which makes this deal the largest ever in its kind in Dutch history.

The total size of this mega deal between Bouwfonds and Fortis Vastgoed for its investment portfolio comprises 60,000 m² of retail space, over 700 houses and more than 2000 parking spaces. It is possible that the projects will be further expanded during the course of work. A number of projects are already being developed, the last delivery will take place in 2010 at the latest.

The deal includes:

  • Terwijde Center on the Vinex location Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht: 14,000 m² of retail space, 600 parking spaces and approx. 500 houses with parking facilities
  • The renovation and expansion of the Luifelbaan in Leiden (already under way) with a total of 11,500 m² of retail space, over 100 new houses, a parking garage and three parking decks
  • Main shopping center Vathorst in Amersfoort: 7,500 m² of retail space, 100

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