Land Securities Trillium selected by DVLA as preferred bidder for property outsourcing contract (UK)

Land Securities announces that its property outsourcing business, Land Securities Trillium, has been selected as the preferred bidder for a proposed property outsourcing deal with DVLA.

DVLA is set to embark on a modernization program to refurbish its 1960s built headquarters and to outsource its estate management and the provision of Facilities Management services on its entire UK estate, comprising approximately 90,000 sq m of accommodation via a 20-year outsourcing contract. It is anticipated that the contract will commence on 1 April 2005.

Ian Ellis, Chief Executive of Land Securities Trillium, said “We are delighted to be appointed preferred bidder by DVLA for their property outsourcing contract and look forward to working closely together over the coming weeks to finalize and commence the contract. This provides an exciting opportunity to capitalize on our experience of providing wide-ranging and flexible outsourcing solutions in order to work with a forward-looking client.

“This contract is all about working with government to support change, whilst delivering better workplaces and value for money. It is a good example of what the Government’s efficiency program aims to achieve.'

Clive Bennett, Chief Executive of DVLA, said “This contract provides an important step forward for DVLA to improve its estates services with the help of a ‘best in class’ service provider. It gives us the opportunity to improve working practices that will benefit our customers, update working conditions for our staff and reduce our running costs.”

Source: Land Securities

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