Joan Busquets: Urban Developer for the City Centre Plan Helmond

The architect and urban developer, Professor Joan Busquets of Barcelona (Spain) has been selected for the urban development design of the City Centre Master Plan. Prof. Busquets will be responsible for the elaboration of the urban development design plans for the Integral Structural Vision of the Helmond City Centre proposed in December 2001. The Master Plan will be ready by the beginning of 2004.

The parties involved in the development of the City Centre Plan, namely, the municipality, ING Real Estate and Amstelland MDC, are convinced that Busquets is the most suitable person to realize this major design assignment. Busquets has a substantial international reputation and a clear vision for the Helmond project.

Crucial aspects of his vision include a detailed sense of scale and size, and more specifically, the preservation of the unique identity of the city of Helmond. He is an urban developer ‘pur sang’ whose vision entails the “creation of conditions within which it is possible to generate obvious developments without losing sight of that which is already present”. Buildings and public spaces without an obvious sense of coherence do not fit into his vision. Busquets sees the Helmond City Centre Plan as a solid and exciting assignment.

Riek Bakker’s firm will remain involved in the elaboration of the Integral Structural Vision of the City Centre Plan to a detailed Master Plan in an advisory capacity (with respect to the translation of the points of departure and objectives of the structural vision of the Master Plan).

Joan Busquets is not an unknown entity in the world of urban development and architecture. The Catalan is well known for his work as urban developer in Barcelona, where he developed, among other projects, the Olympic Village. Since founding his own company (BAU), he has been involved in projects around the world, including in Spain, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands in Europe, and in Brazil and Argentina in South America.

Source: AM

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