Institutional real estate portfolios stable

The volumes of the real estate portfolios of the insurers and pensionfunds have hardly changed over the last two quarters. At the end of the first quarter as well as at the end of the second quarter, the value of the real estate portfolios was approx. € 33 bln. The stockportfolios on the other hand have increased in value over the last quarter with € 30 bln.

This can be concluded from numbers published by the CBS. In the second quarter of 2003 insurers and pensionfunds have made an average course profit of 9.4%. This is a profit of almost € 24 bln. Of this amount over € 18 bln. was made by the pensionfunds and over € 5 bln. by the insurers. In the first quarter the funds and insurers made course losses of respectively almost € 15 bln. and almost € 6 bln.

In total insurers and pensionfunds have a total collective balance total of € 748 bln. at the end of the second quarter, compared to € 717 bln. 3 months earlier.

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