Industrial turnover down 9% in November

Dutch industrial turnover was 9% lower in November 2001 than in November 2000. The latest figures by Statistics Netherlands show that more than half of this decrease can be contributed to lower selling prices. Selling prices were down by more than 5% on November 2000.

Domestic turnover fell by 8%, industrial exports by 10%. The oil and chemical industriesÂ' turnover was considerably less. In contrast, turnover in the food, beverages and tobacco industry went up.

Industry mixed
In November 2001 the drop in turnover was greatest in the oil, chemicals and rubber and plastics industries. The lower selling prices made that turnover in this branch was down 22% on November 2000. The electro-metal and means of transport industries also saw a substantial drop of 10% in turnover.

In contrast, the higher prices in the food, beverages and tobacco industries made for a 3% higher turnover. The wood and construction materials industries likewise saw a 3% turnover increase. Prices also went up in this branch.

Turnover in 2001 and 2000 about the same
Statistics Netherlands calculated on the basis of the preliminary figures that are currently available that the total industrial turnover for the year 2001 is virtually the same as in 2000. This is true for both domestic and international turnover. In 2000 industrial turnover increased by 14%.

(Source: CBS – Statistics Netherlands)

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