Industrial production down again

The Dutch manufacturing industry produced 2.6% less during the third quarter of this year than it did last year. This is shown by the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands. This means the year-on-year decrease is not as great as in the second quarter, when production was 3.2 % lower than the year before. The third quarter of last year introduced a period of decline in industrial production. Therefore, this comparison is with a relatively low level.

Quarter-on-quarter production down as well
Compared to the second quarter, the seasonally corrected production figure was down 1.5 % whereas there were signs of modest recovery during the first quarter followed by stabilisation in the second quarter.

Production in September 2,3 % lower
In September, the Dutch manufacturing industry produced 2.3 % less than a year ago. The decrease continues in the metal, wood and building materials industries although the decrease is not as pronounced as it was in the first half of the year. In the paper and printing industries the decrease is more profound.

For the first time since May there is a production increase in the food, beverages and tobacco industry. However, one reason is that the sugar beetcampaigned started earlier this year than last. The textile, clothing and leather industry produced more than a year ago for the second month in a row. In the oil, chemical and rubber industries production increased for the tenth month in a row. The branch accounts for over 20% of the total industrial production and is usually a forerunner in the business cycle.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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