Imports unchanged in October

According to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands the value of the imports of goods was 18.4 billion euro in October, the same as in October 2001. This broke the series of falling imports that lasted thirteen months in a row.

Exports increased by 1 percent to 20.8 billion euro. It is the second month in a row that exports increased, something that had not happened since July last year. In goods exports we noted higher prices. The trade surplus in October this year was 2.4 billion euro.

Trade with EU countries
The Netherlands imported 10.3 billion euro worth from the other EU member states in October. This is 2 percent more than in October 2001. Exports to the other EU countries were down by 1 percent in October on October last year, they were worth15.7 billion euro. The trade balance with the EU countries was positive in October with a 5.4 billion euro surplus. Compared to October last year the trade surplus fell slightly.

Imports from non-EU countries continue to fall
In October the Netherlands imported 8.1 billion euro worth of goods from countries outside the EU, a 3 percent drop. It is the fourteenth month in a row that the imports from non-EU countries are falling. Exports to countries outside the EU were valued at 5.1 billion euro, which constitutes a 5 percent increase on October 2001. The trade deficit with non-EU countries fell from 3.5 billion euro in October 2001 to 3.0 billion euro in October of this year.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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