Hypo Real Estate Bank International provides structured financing to Doughty Hanson for the acquisit

The Scandinavian branch of Hypo Real Estate Bank International has financed the purchase of “Tumba Centrum”, a municipality owned shopping center in Stockholm, by Doughty Hanson. The total financing volume amounts to €33 million.

“Tumba Centrum” is a typical regional shopping centre within the greater Stockholm area. The rentable space - retail, office and residential - totals around 31.000 sqm. Part of the complex is a medical care centre and a public library.

Constantin Graf Stolberg, Managing Director of Hypo Real Estate Bank International, Stockholm, commented: ”This is the first transaction of Hypo Real Estate Bank International with Doughty Hanson in the Nordic region. The Stockholm team is very pleased to conclude this deal with such a well reputed partner. ”Stolberg continued: “This transaction is another landmark deal in the area of real estate privatisation in Sweden. Public owners such as the municipality of Botkyrka sell real estate assets to free up financial resources to be reemployed for other projects i.e. new housing developments.”

Source: Hypo Real Estate

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