HVB Group successfully places its block of Rhön Klinikum (DE)

HVB Group has sold its block of Rhön Klinikum AG shares through a bookbuilding procedure. Altogether 4,786,560 common shares were sold at a price of €54.00 per share which corresponds to a discount of 4.1 percent compared with yesterday's closing price. The transaction volume was thus around €258.47 million.

Straining the market was avoided through broad distribution to institutionals. HVB Group achieved a book profit from the transaction.

Stabilization measures
In connection with placing the shares of Rhön Klinikum AG by HVB Group, HVB Corporates & Markets or persons acting on behalf of Corporates & Markets are acting as stabilization managers and can introduce measures to stabilize the stock exchange or market price of shares of Rhön Klinikum AG to offset falling prices over the short term. Such measures may be taken for the shares of Rhön Klinikum AG from the time the definitive fixed placing price is announced. Once taken, the stabilization measures must end no later than the 30th calendar day after the shares have been allotted.

These steps can result in a higher market price for the shares of Rhön Klinikum AG than would have been the case without them. However, there is no obligation to take stabilizing action. If measures are introduced to this end, they can be discontinued at any time.

Source: HVB

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