Housing market relaxes during 4th quarter

2001: price increase amounts to 5,9 %

The average house in the Netherlands has increased by 0.9% during the 4 the quarter in 2001, equalizing the previous quarter?s price increase. In total the average house increased by 5.9% during 2001. For 2002 price increases in line with inflation are expected by the NVM, the Dutch Brokers Association. Upward pressure could be provided by better economic growth and disappointing figures for new construction.

The continuing more quiet price development on the housing market during the 4th quarter is expressed by fewer transactions, the increase of number of houses for sale, an increase in number of days before a house is actually sold and leveling out of prices. The buyer has a choice of five houses now and lower interest rates make houses more affordable.

(source: NVM ? Dutch Brokers Association)

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