Homburg Uni-Corp Group of Companies now owns 90% of Uni-Invest Canada N.V.

Mr. Richard Homburg, CEO, President and Chairman of Homburg Invest Inc., is pleased to announce that the Homburg Uni-Corp Group of Companies has obtained circa 90% of the outstanding shares of the real estate fund Uni-Invest Canada N.V. listed on the Amsterdam Euronext Exchange from a group of Dutch and Swiss investors. This company, while currently inactive, has been listed on the Amsterdam Exchange since 1914.

The Homburg Uni-Corp Group will give up Uni-Invest Canada N.V.Â's status of a Netherlands Fiscal Investment Institute in order to make a fully integrated real estate company which will do real estate financing, project development, insurance, asset management and management of real estate in the Netherlands, Canada and the United States. The sales of investment products such as real estate limited partnerships will also form part of the companyÂ's activities.

A change in name with reference to the engagement of the Homburg Uni-Corp Group will happen as soon as possible. In the very near future a business plan will be published followed by an official prospectus. The nomination of a new Board of Directors will be on the agenda for a special meeting of the shareholders.

It will be through the Uni-Invest Canada N.V. public listing on the Euronext Exchange that Homburg Invest Inc. will have access to future real estate financing opportunities. With the difficulty being experienced by small real estate companies in Canada to raise new capital, Uni-Invest Canada N.V. will be Homburg Invest Inc.Â's principal vehicle to raise money to allow Homburg Invest to take advantage of North American opportunities in its quest to grow into a billion dollar asset-based company within five to seven years.

Homburg Invest Inc. and the Homburg Uni-Corp Group with their head offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia own a diverse portfolio of quality real estate including office, retail, warehouse and residential apartment, condominium and townhouse properties located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, Texas, Washington State, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

(source: Homburg Invest Inc.)

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