Highest building in the world delivered

The final building activities have taken place today in the Taiwanese capital Taipei on the world’s largest building. The skyscraper will open in November. President Chen Shui-bian joined the festivities to celebrate that the building of the 508 meter high ‘Taipei 101’ is done.

Officially the skyscraper is called Taipei Financial Center. The building has 101 floors. Shops will occupy five floors. Some restaurants will also be present. The rest of the building will be officespace and supply work for approx. 100,000 people. The building also has the fastest elevator in the world: a ride from the ground floor to the 89th floor will take 39 seconds.

Up until now the Petronas Twin Tower (each 452 meters high) in the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur were the highest towers in the world. Seoul has plans to build even higher: in the South-Korean capital they are planning the have a skyscraper of 580 meters to be delivered in 2008.

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