Henderson Income offering strengthened (UK)

Henderson Global Investors has announced that the UK income funds within the OEIC fund range will be run by Henderson’s UK Value & Income team.

This team already has an impressive track record in managing UK investment trusts - the changes announced mean that OEIC investors can now access the process behind this performance.

James Henderson will take responsibility for running the Henderson UK Equity Income Fund, while Job Curtis will manage the UK Extra Income Fund. Bond investment within the Extra Income portfolio will remain the responsibility of John Patullo, manager of the Henderson Preference & Bond Fund.

The Value & Income team has around £2 billion in funds under management and has built an impressive track record around a strong stock picking process. Their approach combines a search for ‘mis-valuations’ and under-researched stock ideas with active risk management. In addition to the idea generation that takes place within the Value & Income team, the managers draw on the wider resources of Henderson’s investment capability.

Phil Jefferson, Director of Wholesale said: “The Value & Income team’s track record speaks for itself. We believe that their process will also prove its worth in the OEIC arena.”

Source: Henderson

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