Heijmans sells steel construction activities to Rijndijk Staalgroep

Heijmans N.V. (construction, property development and related activities) expects to reach consensus on the acquisition of its steel construction activities by Rijndijk Staalgroep B.V, based in Eindhoven.

Upon the publication of its annual figures last March, Heijmans announced that it would be downsizing its steel construction activities. In response to that announcement, Rijndijk Staalgroep approached Heijmans in order to investigate the possibilities for acquiring the shares from Heijmans Staalbouw B.V. The parties have meanwhile reached broad consensus on such an acquisition. The acquisition by Rijndijk Staalgroep results in 50 jobs being saved after 30 individuals from the initial staff have been transferred.

Rijndijk Staalgroep is a holding comprising steel construction companies, including BNG in Budel and Lengkeek in Hoogvliet. With annual turnover of more than € 45 million and more than 400 employees, Rijndijk Staalgroep is one of the larger steel construction companies in the Netherlands. The activities will be continued from the branches in Budel, Utrecht and Hoogvliet, where Rijndijk Staalgroep has its own production facilities.

Source: Heijmans N.V.

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